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GB Research LLC is a software company, conducting research, development, and providing consulting services in electronic design automation (EDA) field. We focus on quality software designs, advanced C++ methodologies and patterns.
AXE 2.0
AXE 2.1 is a recursive descent parser generator C++ library. It uses C++17 facilities for natural EBNF-like grammar specification.

AXE 2.1

GBL Design Studio
GBL Design Studio 2.0 provides tools to facilitate event-driven application design. It includes graphical designer, simulation library, and tracer to visualize event flow. It can be used for VLSI behavioral or cycle accurate modeling, for RTOS development or for any other event-driven design.

GBL Design Studio 2.0

You don't have to be an encryption expert in order to be able to perform common encryption tasks. CryptoSidekick has easy to use facilities to generate and manage private and public keys , encrypting and decrypting text and files, creating encrypted archives, digitally signing and verifying documents. Cryptosidekick even has its own secure categorized notebook, where you can keep your sensitive information protected by password and strong encryption.

CryptoSidekick 2.1

See what's inside with our high performance versatile GDSII Viewer. With GdsViewer 2.1 you can make high resolution poster size prints, convert portions of layout to ASCII or binary GDSII format, examine your design in 3D, and much more.

GdsViewer 2.1

GdsUtilities Need to convert binary GDSII files to ASCII format or vice versa? Here is a set of command-line utilitites with 64-bit file access that do all that. No file size is too big.

GDS Utilities 2.0

                        BinEditor Need to edit a binary file? Here is a hex editor that allows quickly browsing through huge binary files, do hex and text searches and edits.

BinEditor 2.0

BinViewer Need to look inside a binary file? Here is a hex viewer that allows quickly browsing through huge binary files, do hex and text searches.

BinViewer 2.0

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