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GB Research, LLC is a privately held company situated in the heart of the Silicon Valley. We are conducting research and development and providing services in EDA Software field.
GB Research is registered in California, the most customer friendly state, and because we love and care for our customers, we don't need to hide behind Delaware legal fences like our competition does.

Gene Bushuyev
founder of GB Research LLC

Gene holds an MS degree in Microelectronics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. He did his postgraduate research in ECL design, optimization, and system-level simulation at MIPT, where he also patented a number of inventions in that field, later he conducted research in opto-electronics and fiber lasers for Russian Academy of Sciences, he also did research in interconnect optimization at CMU. In the following years he worked on a number of software projects at Synopsys and Cadence; at the latter he was a member of C++ coding standards committee.
I have tried different languages and I think that C++ allows this marvelous combination of abstractness and efficiency. - Alex Stepanov
GB Research places high value on quality C++ development techniques. Our software is highly optimized but never at the price of correctness or other quality parameters. We avoid using scripting languages as they are more expensive in the long run, are error-prone, don't scale, have low reuse ratio, and many other drawbacks. We avoid unsafe, unscalable, or inherently slow programming languages and techniques. We avoid using unsafe C++ practices as well.

We adhere to the well researched C++ design principles that are intended to improve software quality, in particular we pay special attention on such quality parameters as*

  • correctness - the logically correct designs,
  • reliability - the ability to work error-free,
  • modifiability - the ability to have enhancements made easily,
  • understandability - the ability to understand the software readily,
  • efficiency - the speed and compactness of the software,
  • usability - the ability to use the software easily,
  • testability - the ability to construct and execute test cases easily.

*We thank Robert L. Glass for his many insights, proved to be valuable in understanding and organizing software development.

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