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AXE 1.5
AXE is a recursive descent parser generator C++ library with the following characteristics:
  • uses C++11 facilities for natural EBNF-like grammar specification
  • a large set of predefined syntax rules and semantic actions
  • easily extensible with custom rules
  • in-site rules and semantic actions creation using lambda functions
  • most rules are character type agnostic, and can be reused with different iterator types
  • can be used to create parsers for text, binary, and mixed data
  • no arbitrary distinction between lexical analisys (tokenezation) and parsing
  • small run-time overhead resulting in fast, compact executable
  • header only library, no linking required
  • platform agnostic, uses only standard C++11 compiler

Telephone number parser.

phone_number ::= "(" area_code ")" prefix "-" suffix;
area_code ::= number number number;
prefix ::= number number number;
suffix ::= number number number number;

auto area_code = axe::r_numstr(3);
auto prefix = axe::r_numstr(3);
auto suffix = axe::r_numstr(4);
auto phone_number = '(' & area_code & ')' & prefix & '-' & suffix;

Version Matrix

C++11 compliant compiler required (supported VC++2010,2012, clang 3.2, gcc 4.7.0 and later)
Library Revision License Type Downloads
AXE 1.5 Community Edition Boost 1.0 Windows Installer
Zipped files

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