About BinEditor

BinEditor is a 64-bit editor for binary files. It has a Hex window that displays file content in hexadecimal representation, a Text window that shows printable characters, non-printable characters are substituted with dots ('.'). The Hex and Text windows are synchronized. The right side Common Types window shows the common types values at cursor position. Edits window contains the list of all edited bytes in the file.

The Status Bar at the bottom of the main form displays the current address of the cursor, file name, and its size.

Opening a new file

To open files in BinEditor click Open button and select files. All non-empty files will be opened in main tabbed window. You can resize the application to achieve desirable number of bytes per line.

To close file, select its tab and click Close button.

After file is opened, its content is displayed Hex and Text windows. You can use mouse or keyboard to move cursor and scroll pages. Common Types window shows the data values at cursor position.

Binary and Text searches

Click on Find button to open Find String dialog. You can search strings specified in Hex or Text format.

Click on Goto button to open corresponding dialog. You can specify the address in hex or decimal format.  


If opened file is not read-only, its content can be edited. Navigate to the desired address and enter either a hexadecimal value in Hex window or a character in Text window. Modified values are shown in red color. Edits window keeps track of all modifications which were not yet saved. It shows address, original value and new value for each edit.

Buttons at the top of Edits window allow to do the following operations:

  • commit the changes to the file
  • delete all edits
  • go to the address, corresponding to the selected edit
  • delete selected edit