GDS Utilities version 1.2 Pesonal License
GDS Utilities version 1.2 Professional Single User Commercial License
2006 (c) GB Research, LLC


1: What's Included
Installation packages for all supported platforms include the following files:

Reference.pdf - a user reference in Adobe Acrobat format
License.pdf - license file
asc2gds.exe - ASCII to GDSII converter
gds2asc.exe - GDSII to ASCII converter
gdsinfo.exe - GDSII information
gbru100.dll - dll file


2: Installing Windows XP version.
Start the installer by launching setup.exe file and follow the instructions. If you downloaded the package, the Serial Number for your product was sent to you by e-mail. If you received the product on CD, the Serial Number is printed on the CD sleeve.

To uninstall the product, click on the Start button, Control Panel, choose Add or Remove Programs, select the corresponding version of the software and click Remove.

The software was tested under Windows XP Professional. It may work on the other versions of Windows, but it is not guaranteed.


3: Limitations
Personal Version of GDS Utilities 1.2 is limited to the maximum input file size of approximately 10KB. Attempt to load files bigger than the maximum size will cause parser to fail.
Professional Version uses 64-bit file access and has very small (around 1.5MB) memory footprint. See License Agreement (License.pdf) for terms of use.
GDS Utilities 1.2 package has significantly higher limits for GDSII record sizes than the original GDSII specification.


4: Other Notes.
If you want to install multiple versions of the software, you may do so by choosing different installation directories.

Please save the media or downloaded files and serial numbers in case you need to reinstall the product in the future.

If you encountered problems during installation or run, please report them on http://www.gbresearch.com/contact_us.aspx form.

The latest version of the software can be obtained from http://www.gbresearch.com/gdsutilities/