GdsViewer 2.0 Screenshots
GdsViewer 2.0 is a large capacity, fast, convenient, multifunctional GDSII binary and ASCII viewer. It has a Main control window and multiple independent Layout windows.

A screenshot of the Main control window is shown below. It has several tabs to easily manage GdsViewer projects.

Collapse/Expand buttons allow to minimize/restore the Main control window without affecting Layout windows.
Project Manager tab allows to manage the project, add or remove files, load GDS files, change layer parameters. Many GDS files can be included in a single project. Each one is loaded in a background thread so you can continue working on the open files while the other files are being loaded. Project manager automatically recognizes GDSII binary and ASCII files independently of their extensions. Project Manager also allows including any other file types to the project. When a non-GDS file is activated, the associated with that file type application is started. Thus you can conveniently include supplemental documentation with the GDS files.
Project Manager displays the basic information for each cell by simply selecting the cell node.
Layout Window displays the content of the selected cell and provides the means of navigation, tagging, measurements, selection, flattening, etc. There can be many Layout windows open at the same time.
High resolution printing is fast and easy. No direct limitations on print size.
Export portions of design to GDSII binary or ASCII file.
Compare cells using different raster operations.
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