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GB Research offers a variety of services that help improve, accelerate your software, provide specific solutions for your software development needs. The following list is an example of services we can offer you:

  • Custom parsers - we have experience creating fast and flexible parser solutions for binary and text formats.
  • SLD tasks, developing testbenches, modules, simulation and verification using our GBL Design Studio
  • GDSII-related tasks
  • Encryption solutions
  • C++ coding standards - designing, evaluating, improving internal coding standards.
  • Rapid prototyping - building software prototypes as proof of concept, for complexity evalution, etc.
  • Evaluation and optimization of your software - finding performance bottlenecks and providing solutions.
  • GUI design and implementation (Windows only.)
  • Maintanence and support contracts for our software.
  • Customized builds - adding custom-specific features to our software.
Please use Contact Us page if you have a particular service request
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